Changing the Packing and Shipping Industry with’s Marty Metro

December 26, 2009

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Following co-host Mike Brady’s move into a new home, John and Mike welcome Marty Metro, founder of, to discuss how his company is changing the packing and shipping industry in a low-impact, eco-friendly way. “I realized there was a big disconnect with people throwing away boxes and people needing boxes,” Metro tells John and Mike. And with that, was born. Seven years later, Metro’s business has expanded from typical moving boxes to large-scale business-to-business accommodations, allowing for the transfer of massive amounts of cardboard efficiently. Metro tells John and Mike how his “rescue, resell and recycle” model — “rescuing” boxes from large corporations, reselling or reusing them where there’s a need and recycling the poor-quality finds — is changing our usage of cardboard for the better, and how it’s lessening our eco-footprint in the process.

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