Combating E-waste with Reuse with’s Joshua Levitt

January 8, 2010

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Joshua Levitt, the Managing Director of, the world’s largest online network hardware outlet, tells John and Mike how the website is offering great value to its customers and an eco-friendly focus — reuse as much as possible. “We looked at all the trends toward the environment,” Levitt says. “We figured selling and reusing preowned network hardware was part of that trend.” Launched in 2007, simply uses the concept of reusing e-waste. The site has expanded worldwide fueled by the fact that e-waste contributes to 3% of the world’s overall carbon output. Levitt is hoping to curb e-waste in landfills, waterways, oceans and our streets. All of’s products come with a full warranty, easing consumers’ minds about buying preowned electronic equipment.

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