Discussing the Risks of Synthetic Chemicals with ‘Chasing Molecules’ Author Lizzie Grossman

March 12, 2010

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Later in the show, Lizzie Grossman discusses her latest book, Chasing Molecules. The book examines how synthetic chemicals — virtually anything that wouldn’t normally exist in nature — are effecting our lives. In Grossman’s research, the truth came out. “Persistent and pervasive consumer chemicals are getting into the atmosphere, into the water, into food and eventually making their way into our bodies,” Grossman says. “I wanted to know how and why this was happening, and if there was a way to solve these problems.” The realization that bits of these chemicals can leech out of products and into our bodies is a very real concern. The effects are numerous and wide spanning: Several internal systems, from the immune system to the cardiovascular system, are at risk. Grossman discusses all-natural solutions, and tells listeners what they can do to lower their risk.

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