Being a Leader in the Recycled Wax Cardboard Industry with Enviro-Log’s Ross McRoy

March 5, 2010

John and Mike speak with Ross McRoy, President and Founder of Enviro-Log, a log made of 100% recycled materials. Already the largest recycler of wax cardboard in the United States, Enviro-Log isn’t slowing down anytime soon. “We’re growing by 20, 30, 40% a year,” McRoy says. “We’re probably in the 15- 20,000-ton range [of recycled wax cardboard] right now, and we’re hoping to continue to grow the fire log market.” McRoy describes his product as the “ultimate wood substitute,” and the use varies widely — from cooking, to camping and everything in between — for clean-burning fire. The energy savings and saved landfill space is quickly catching on, as Enviro-Logs are available nationwide at many traditional outlets.