Discussing Green Home Auditing with The Green Home Doctors’ Matt Danielson

March 12, 2010

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“The Green Home Doctor,” Matt Danielson, talks to John and Mike about a revelation he had on an airplane. Danielson, who was flying around the country often for a prior job, realized he needed to make a change in his carbon footprint. Two years later, he has changed his entire way of living and thinking with Green Home Doctors, a Minnesota-based home audit service that helps people conserve the most energy possible in their homes. Using thermal imaging, Danielson and his crew can show homeowners where and how they are losing energy out of their homes. Oftentimes, it is just an easy fix or a small tweak that is preventing a home from being far more efficient. “Once people start taking this ‘green journey,’ they become hooked,” Danielson says of switching to the green-living mindset. “We feel we contribute to that change.”

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