Rapid Greening in the Travel Sector with Elevate Destinations’ Dominique Callimanopulos

March 19, 2010

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Dominique Callimanopulos, founder of Elevate Destinations, joins the show to discuss how the travel sector is greening rapidly. Elevate Destinations’ trips — green honeymoons, service trips and family trips all over the world — donate 5% of costs to a host of green-minded charities. The company also carbon offsets the ground portion of its trips and tries to find eco-friendly lodging for travelers as much as possible. Callimanopulos says that many of the travelers are looking to make service a part of their trip, whether they are honeymooners, businesspeople or families. “[Our clientele] can be any kind of person — any age, from any background — that wants to make a difference,” Callimanopulos says. “There is something for everyone.”

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