Making Organic Fashionable with FASE Founder Marci Zaroff

April 30, 2010

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“Green is Good” welcomes Marci Zaroff, founder and CEO of FASE (Fashion Art Soul and Earth), a green fashion company based out of Florida. “I’ve always been a fashion consumer,” Zaroff reveals. After a decade of working in the organic health and beauty field, she discovered the missing link. “It dawned on me that you can’t support food without supporting fiber,” Zaroff says. “The premise of organic agriculture is the interconnection in nature. When I married that with my passion for fashion, I saw a market opportunity.” Zaroff, who founded another organic clothing line, Under the Canopy, in the 1990s, wants to change the market from “hippy to hip,” making organic fashion that people want to wear and will buy. “It’s not about ‘Why would I buy organic?'” Zaroff says. “It’s ‘Why wouldn’t I buy organic?'”

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