Quenching Thirst the Honest Way with Honest Tea’s Seth Goldman

April 2, 2010

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In this show, Seth Goldman, founder of Honest Tea, discusses how his eco-friendly and healthy brew started with a passion to quench thirst. Honest Tea has always focused on all-organic, completely natural teas that skip the sugary stuff for pure taste. What started with five teas in 1998 has blossomed into well over 30 different brands, and the brand is experiencing unprecedented growth — currently at nearly 400%. “We call it Honest Tea because it’s made with real tea leaves,” Goldman reveals. “With real tea leaves, you get the real antioxidants and the real taste, too. Most of the other bottled tea brands don’t use real tea.” Goldman notes that Honest Tea’s organic approach is important, because tea leaves are the only agricultural product that does not get rinsed until consumption. Pure, unaltered tea leaves go into every beverage, ensuring an all-natural drinking experience.

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