Refurbishing the Obsolete with’s Jeff Rassás

June 11, 2010

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“Green is Good” welcomes longtime greenie Jeff Rassás, founder and CEO of You Change’s goal is to refurbish those obsolete materials, particularly electronics, in homes across the world by providing cash incentive and a rewards system to its users. The rewards program, used on the You Change site as currency, encourages people to purchase these rehabbed items that are traded in on the site. The market for You Change is there — more than 75% of PCs are sitting in homes collecting dust, and more than 500 million obsolete cell phones sit in drawers, never to be used again. Rassás says the You Change program will accept any and all electronic items — even those with no monetary value — and reward the seller with rewards points. You Change’s mission is to recover as many items as it can, saving valuable landfill space.

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