Moving the Sustainable Agriculture Industry Forward with NRDC’s Jonathan Kaplan

June 18, 2010

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The NRDC’s Jonathan Kaplan speaks on the second half of the show about pesticides and organic food. Agriculture has a major impact on our lives — more than one-third of human-caused greenhouse gases come from the production of agriculture. At the same time, a few thousand acres of farmland are permanently lost in the U.S. daily due to a growing number of factors. One innovation that the NRDC has created is the Growing Green Awards, raising awareness of those agricultural producers taking the necessary sustainability measures to be successful for years to come. The four award categories — food producer, business leader, thought leader and water steward — present a well-rounded group of agricultural advocates that are moving the industry forward. Kaplan cites water scarcity, lack of stability and ongoing population growth as serious problems affecting food production — now one in three people around the world live in a region with water scarcity. With the agriculture industry consuming so much water, awareness of proper agricultural practices is more important than ever.

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