A New Eco-Mission with Roto-Rooter’s Paul Abrams

June 4, 2010

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Paul Abrams of Roto-Rooter joins John and Mike on “Green is Good” to discuss his company’s newly tweaked green program and eco-mission. Roto-Rooter is the largest plumbing repair and drain cleaning service in the U.S. and Canada — working about 1.5 million plumbing jobs per year. Roto-Rooter is looking to influence its customers by offering an innovative green program for them to choose. Several of the company’s default parts are now helping to conserve water usage and energy, instantly making the company greener than ever before. The company’s dual-flush toilet retrofit, in particular, is an easy, innovative way to recoup a green investment quickly. During a simple home inspection, Roto-Rooter can retrofit quickly and cost effectively. “We can safely say that the days of cheap water and sewer are behind us,” Abrams says. “Whatever the cost is [to install a toilet retrofit], you’ll make it back in a year.”

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