Discussing Environmental Marketing and Communication with DM Public Relations’ DeAnne Merey

July 16, 2010

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‘”Green is Good”‘s John and Mike bring DeAnne Merey of DM Public Relations on the line to talk about her premier public relations services. Merey’s background is in law, but her company’s focus is on environmental communications and marketing. DM Public Relations’ goal for the companies that it works with is to elevate awareness of important eco issues. Merey’s eco-passion links back to a college course field trip she took to a landfill. “Our passion to make a difference inspires us to represent businesses and organizations that are dedicated to protecting and preserving the planet and the rights of all its inhabitants,” Merey reveals. “I remember thinking to myself if there was anything I could do in my lifetime to decrease the amount of landfills. Seeing a landfill was very much an education.”

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