Discussing Energy Reduction on America’s Farms with Woolf Farming and Processing’s Stuart Woolf

July 23, 2010

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Stuart Woolf, President and CEO of Woolf Farming and Processing, comes to “Green is Good” to discuss his family-owned farming business and its impressive energy reduction processes. Started in 1974, Woolf Farming and Processing has since become one of the most sustainable farming operations in California’s Central Valley. Woolf’s tomatoes and vegetables — raised and processed in bulk quantities — are used in many products, and the company had been looking to harness the ample sunshine in the Fresno area as energy to help the products’ processing. Woolf was looking to cut future energy costs as the state continues to grow, and upping the company’s green profile feels pretty good, too. “The EPA suggests that running this solar project will offset about 37,000 tons of pollutants over a 25-year period,” Woolf proclaims. “That is the equivalent of just less than burning 4 million gallons of gasoline or the equivalent of 7,700 acres of pine trees. These are pretty impressive offsets.” Woolf says the company will continue to investigate how to further use solar power and energy credits to lessen its impact.

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