Hosting Green Minded Radio with Passion for the Planet’s Chantal Cooke

August 6, 2010

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A green-minded radio host, Chantal Cooke of “Passion for the Planet,” explains her show’s mission statement — providing solutions for a green and healthy lifestyle — while speaking to John and Mike from across the pond in London. Cooke debuted her radio show in 2002 as a source of useful, inspiring information for her audience. Beyond producing a simple daily or weekly show, “Passion for the Planet” is an entire radio station, broadcasting eco-friendly, stimulating, informative content 24 hours a day to a mainstream audience. As the show’s reach has expanded and the audience has grown, Cooke tells listeners that it is still all about a simple ideal: “The green movement is about recognizing that we have responsibility, that our actions have an impact, and that impact can be positive or negative,” Cooke reminds us. “Being environmental and having an impact on the planet is a lot more than just recycling.”

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