Living Green in New Media with Conscious Planet Media’s Michael Alexander

August 13, 2010

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Michael Alexander has a long history in the holistic and green health fields, and is co-founder of Conscious Planet Media. “The idea for Conscious Planet Media was conceived on my honeymoon,” Alexander reveals. “On a napkin, [my wife and I] came up with a new media company — a company that would address issues of sustainability, being green, consciousness and social justice.” Alexander, who co-founded the company with his wife, Bianca, brings his green consciousness to the fold while Bianca, whose background is in the media industry, provides her expertise. The idea of the “sacred storyteller” — a community member who passes on wisdom and shapes the future — is the gist of Conscious Planet Media’s message. By educating their audience about various green cultural niches via video, print and the Web, Conscious Planet Media is ingraining these important ideals and spreading green knowledge.

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