Converting Workouts to Watts with The Green Revolution’s Jay Whelan

September 3, 2010

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What is one of the easiest ways to go green (not to mention a great way to stay healthy)? Ride your bike more. Jay Whelan has figured out a way to harness energy from health club spinning classes to actually power the class and the club itself. Whelan’s company, The Green Revolution, specializes in transforming energy expanded by humans into electricity that is immediately transferred back into the building’s power grid, in turn powering the lights, TVs and equipment in the building. The eventual goal is to convert this technology for home and office use as well. “The technology is much the same way that solar or wind [power] works,” Whelan says of the energy generation. “We feel our strong point is the metrics around people’s workouts — they can see how many watts they generate, how much carbon is offset per workout — everyone comes out of the [spinning] class feeling very productive.”

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