Stressing the Collective Effort with Green is Sexy’s Megan Kuhlmann

October 22, 2010

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Megan Kuhlmann started after conspiring with two friends about what could be done to spread eco-awareness to the public. The site, online for three years now, provides new eco-tips every day to help viewers in their day-to-day lives. Kuhlmann feels that many small changes can add up to large results. “It’s not corny, it’s sexy to be green,” Kuhlmann proclaims. “It’s sexy to care about something beyond yourself. It’s a collective effort. It’s about what you can do.” Kuhlmann stresses that Green is Sexy’s mission is to emphasize what its viewers can do to help, rather than provide daunting statistics or scare tactics. The three co-founders still contribute all of the site’s content, proving that greening lives is truly a labor of love.

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