Greening Up Casual Wear with Volcom’s Derek Sabori

October 1, 2010

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Derek Sabori, Director of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility for Volcom, chats with “Green is Good” from sunny San Diego. Volcom, a California casual clothing brand, has been experimenting with sustainable materials and conservation techniques to move its brand forward in the greenest way possible. Volcom is not only creating eco-friendly clothing, but it has also become a green leader in its community. The company is organizing its second denim jean drive, aiming to collect 10,000 pairs of jeans to give to the homeless. Beyond that, Volcom regularly holds beach clean-ups and has a long-term zero-waste goal that it is working toward. “The idea is to be more efficient, make sure we’re minimizing the amount of waste going into the waste stream and making sure our business is running as efficient as possible,” Sabori says of the company’s lofty zero-waste goal. With the sustainability buzz within the company, the goal will certainly be a reality soon.

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