Capturing the Plastic Bag Reduction Story with ‘Bag It’ Filmmakers Suzan Beraza and Jeb Berrier

November 5, 2010

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Suzan Beraza, a documentary filmmaker, began research for a short documentary on plastic bag reduction in small Colorado towns before her findings quickly snowballed into the concept for Bag It, an award-winning film now working through the film festival circuit. Jeb Berrier, the “everyman” whose tale of plastic exploration the film follows, admitted not really knowing much about recycling or conservation before taking on the project. “It’s a subject where every time you learn a little bit, you realize there is so much more you have to track down,” Berrier says of learning the ins and outs of plastic production and reduction. The project took nearly two years to complete because asking the question “is your life too plastic?” uncovered layer upon layer of information on the effects of plastic and how it has become too much to withstand.

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