Creating Road Maps for Green Homes and Businesses with Green Irene’s P.J. Stafford and Rosamaria Caballero

December 3, 2010

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Ecopreneurs P.J. Stafford and Rosamaria Caballero founded in 2007. The pair were attempting to give their own home a green makeover when the light bulb went off — why not help others green their homes? Just a few years after launching, Green Irene is already the largest green consulting firm in the country — numbering 600 people in 48 states. Stafford and Caballero chose to focus on finding quality, passionate greenies who really take eco-living seriously. Now they are taking it a step further, introducing a line of green wares, including cleaning supplies, LED light bulbs and other products geared toward green-minded businesses. “We implement a well-regarded green-business certification,” Stafford says. “We act as the ‘chief sustainability officer’ for small businesses [that] want to develop a road map for operating more sustainably.”

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