Greening the Film Production Realm with PGA Green’s Kathleen Courtney

December 10, 2010

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Kathleen Courtney sits on the board of directors at the Producers Guild of America, and spearheaded a movement to start a new program, PGA Green, a volunteer initiative that aims to increase green awareness in the film production realm. Today, Courtney is the Chair of PGA Green West, representing the Western U.S. “Typically, the film industry has been wasteful,” Courtney admits. “If you look at what we do, we set it up, we shoot it, we take it down. At the end of production, you may have three stages worth of sets that are put in landfills.” Now, PGA Green aims to sway these wasteful practices toward sustainable filmmaking. PGA Green representatives contact production teams well before shooting begins to discuss green options, and follow up at the end of filming to discuss successes and troubles to share with production teams in the future.

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