Turning Waste Into Resource with RecycleMatch.com’s Brooke Farrell

January 7, 2011

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RecycleMatch.com’s Brooke Farrell coins her site “the eBay of trash,” and rightly so — the site is an online marketplace that connects companies with waste with companies that can in turn use those materials. The concept for this “trash marketplace” pairs Farrell’s environmentalism and recycling background with a drastic waste solution that she quickly discovered was not in place. Once Farrell and her brother-in-law put their heads together, the company launched in 2009. “We think waste is a resource,” Farrell says. “Most people think of waste as something that they want to disappear. Today, about 30% of the stuff we waste gets recycled and 70% ends up in a landfill. We want to flip those numbers.”

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