Discussing New Developments in the E-waste Industry with Electronic Waste Journal’s Ismail Oyekan

April 22, 2011

Ismail Oyekan returns to “Green is Good” having launched a new e-waste trade publication, Electronic Waste Journal. Oyekan started the publication, which debuted this spring, as part of his quest to further his e-waste knowledge. He previously spoke on the show in 2010 about the International Electronics Recycling Conference and Expo (held next on May 25-27, 2011 in Las Vegas), which he founded in 2009. Oyekan stresses that the EWJ readership is not simply electronics manufactures, but also e-waste recyclers, electronics resellers, policymakers and informed consumers. “There are always new developments [in the e-waste industry], so content has not been a problem,” Oyekan says of the EWJ. “We really want to be a collaborative voice and effort of the industry, so we’re asking people who have a perspective, an idea or a product that they want to showcase to utilize the journal as a platform.”