Getting to Know the “Father of the Juicing Age” with Jay Kordich

December 30, 2011

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Listening to Jay Kordich on “Green is Good,” it’s hard to believe he is more than two decades past retirement age. A lifelong athlete, Kordich pioneered the juicing craze that has gained popularity in America over the past 60 years. Even as a collegiate playing football for various Navy squads, Kordich would pack fruits and veggies to juice. “I take care of my body first and foremost,” Kordich explains. “I’m not a genius. I started reading, and I was only on natural juices from natural plants — where life comes from.” Now known as “The Father of Juicing,” Kordich has created a juice empire — from juicers, to juicing literature — and its benefits are obvious. Just look at Kordich: at nearly 89, he is as vibrant as he was in his college days.

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