Recapping the LA Green Festival with Green Festival’s Dr. Corinna Basler

November 28, 2014

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JOHN SHEGERIAN: Welcome to another edition of Green is Good. We’re here in L.A. today with Dr. Corinna Basler doing the overview of how the Green Festival went in Los Angeles. Doctor, this is the third or fourth time you’ve been on Green is Good. How is the festival today in Los Angeles? Are you happy with the results? DR. CORINNA BASLER: Yes, we’re very, very happy. JOHN SHEGERIAN: We got to meet so many cool vendors and so many cool advertisers of yours. Tell our listeners and viewers a little bit, give them a little taste. When I say a little taste, I mean a little taste because there was so much great food here today for all sorts of taste buds. I don’t want them to get too much in their mouth. Give them a little taste of what happened today in Los Angeles. DR. CORINNA BASLER: Thank you so much, John. We have something for everyone. We have so many exciting vendors and products and exhibitors and sponsors and partners, so we believe that the Green Festival is the perfect marketplace for everything that’s related to green. We have so many options and products and brands to offer. For example, we have Daiya; we have Clif Bar. Daiya, for example, has a great vegan pizza offer. It’s fantastic. JOHN SHEGERIAN: It was delicious. I tried some. DR. CORINNA BASLER: And, for the first time ever at the Green Festival, we had a BMW there, where our attendees can go outside and can go and drive the new green BMW. That’s actually very, very exciting. JOHN SHEGERIAN: When you say something for everyone, what I saw today was not only new and exciting and delicious food products, but also services. I saw in Los Angeles a green rental car company that was one of your exhibitors, and there were other people with services in Los Angeles, from yoga to holistic medicine to all sorts of wonderful other types of products. Talk a little bit about something for everyone with regards to the vendors. How many did you have, by the way? How many advertisers and vendors did you have? I saw hundreds of booths. DR. CORINNA BASLER: We had nearly 300 booths and partners and sponsors and exhibitors. Actually, we’re sold out. There were no more booths available, actually. We had to increase our online pre-ticket sale by nearly 300%. JOHN SHEGERIAN: Three hundred percent. Wow. Now we’re going to be moving on. The next city we’re going to, and I know we’re both going to be there together, is Chicago. DR. CORINNA BASLER: Can I mention, in L.A. our news coverage, basically about our media? We’re very pleased about the media coverage here in Los Angeles. The L.A. Daily News, we’re on the front page promoting the Green Festival, promoting the BMW iDrive. We’re very, very happy. We believe that this really helped us to drive traffic to the event as well. JOHN SHEGERIAN: The media supported you because the local media is excited about your Green Festival coming to their great city. DR. CORINNA BASLER: Yes, absolutely. It was such a beautiful day here in Los Angeles, and we are always competing with these wonderful beaches. We’re really pleased to see so many people coming here to the show, walking the floor, tasting, sampling, listening to the wonderful speakers, because we at Green Festival believe that you can make a difference. The consumer has the biggest power. You can increase the demand for a greener life. You can increase the demand for greener products. This is what we really want to show and make sure that people are aware of it. JOHN SHEGERIAN: For our listeners and our viewers who haven’t heard yet of the Green Festivals, where can they go online to learn more about where the festivals are going to be and, if they’re a vendor, how to sign up and reach your people that have the vendor relations, so they want to come and exhibit at your festivals all around the nation? DR. CORINNA BASLER: Thank you so much for asking that, John. I really appreciate it. Please go on our website,, and there you’ll find all the dates, the venues, and our schedule for next year. Green Festivals 2015 will be very exciting. JOHN SHEGERIAN: As for people that want to come and enjoy the festival, that’s for people who want to show their great products or services at your festivals. DR. CORINNA BASLER: Absolutely. There you’ll find our contact information. Our sales team is ready to take the booking, and we’re always looking for exciting new brands, new products, and the latest green offerings. JOHN SHEGERIAN: Dr. Corinna Basler, another great successful day here in sunny California in Los Angeles at the Green Festivals. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you in Chicago. DR. CORINNA BASLER: Thank you so much, John. I really, really appreciate our cooperation. That’s such a wonderful fit, and it really makes a difference. Thank you. JOHN SHEGERIAN: I agree. Thanks for tuning into another episode of Green is Good Radio and sharing our experiences here at the Green Festival in Los Angeles. Be sure to tune in next week for more visionaries paving the way and truly proving that green is good.

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