Fast and Fun Solar Cooking with GoSun Stove’s James Wolf

December 8, 2014

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James Wolf is Partner Network Manager for GoSun Stove, a leading global manufacturer of high-efficiency solar cookers. GoSun’s mission is to empower people throughout the world to utilize clean cooking technology to better their lives and the environments they live in. Launched on Kickstarter in late 2013, the GoSun Stove is a portable solar oven that can heat up to over 550º F, cooking a meal in just 20 minutes — using no fuel, only sunshine! GoSun has been working with the Global Alliance of Clean Cookstoves, a public-private initiative operating under the support of the United Nations Foundation. As a part of their efforts, GoSun has led a six-month pilot study in Guatemala to determine the best methods of introducing the practical solar cooking device into emerging communities. James leads sales and marketing efforts for GoSun Stove. In overseeing and executing the growth strategy, James works to open the door for new business partners, support the Partner Network, and provide fuel for international empowerment efforts. In addition to GoSun, James is co-founder and IT Director for Epsilon Nu Tau Fraternity, the nation’s first entrepreneurship fraternity, a dynamic group for college-level entrepreneurs and business-minded students. James also owns and manages a Web marketing agency in Cincinnati, OH, called Viral Wolf.

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