Looking Forward with Green Festival, Inc.’s Dr. Corinna Basler

September 4, 2015

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John Shegerian: Welcome to another edition of Green Is Good. This is the Green Festival edition of Green Is Good in beautiful Washington, D.C., and we end every festival program with – of course – Dr. Corinna Basler, our great friend. She is the President of the Green Festivals. Welcome back to Green Is Good. Corinna Basler: Thank you, John. And likewise. It’s always a pleasure to see you and welcome you as being part of our show. John Shegerian: Oh, we were so excited to be in D.C. with you this year. And today was just an amazing day here. I want to hear, though, from you. Tell me – as the President – how did D.C. work out for you this year, and how was the attendance, the media, the vendors? Tell our listeners and our viewers around the world how did D.C. work out for the Green Festivals? Corinna Basler: Sure. I mean it’s just Saturday. We started yesterday and we still have Sunday. John Shegerian: Sure. Corinna Basler: But it has been really amazing. We have over 260 vendors. John Shegerian: Whoa. Corinna Basler: So we are almost sold out here in Washington, D.C. We were live on ABC’s “Good Morning Washington” yesterday. So they were playing us a couple of times, encouraging more and more people to join the green movement, which is so important. John Shegerian: I saw today the aisles were full, and not only full with Boomers my age, but full with young Millennials. I mean, there were tons of Millennials up and down – as you call it – mainstreaming. I saw more people today than I’ve ever seen at any festival I’ve been to. Corinna Basler: I’m really glad to hear that. John Shegerian: So it was just – and what do we have in front of us? We always have a wonderful basket full of goodies. What is this basket called, and what does this represent? Corinna Basler: Sure. This is our Super Green Shopper Prize. John Shegerian: OK. Corinna Basler: And this is part of our awards ceremony. We have the Community Award and also we have the Brand Award, so what that means is every exhibitor here is qualified to participate to be one of our Brand Award finalists. And even a small company – basically – can promote themselves and has a chance to be voted by our millions of conscious consumers online. And all those exhibitors are contributing to the prize, and basically, a voter online has a chance to win the prize. John Shegerian: And then when – do you give this away tomorrow? Corinna Basler: We are giving the Brand Award away tomorrow together with the Green Festival Community Award. Then we will send the basket to the lucky one, and I’m pretty sure that you can apply too. John Shegerian: Wow. So anyone can apply for this. Corinna Basler: Yes. John Shegerian: On your website, www.GreenFestivals.org. Corinna Basler: Absolutely. John Shegerian: That is amazing. So any new partnerships in D.C. that you would like to share with our listeners and our viewers? Corinna Basler: Sure. This year we are partnering with Mom’s, again – Mom’s Organic Market. That is very local, community driven. People really love it. We’re working with Ford, Mid-Atlantic dealerships. It’s also the first time. And for the first time ever, we’re having a three-day show. Instead of just two days limited to Saturday and Sunday, we we’re already opened on Friday to invite buyers. We, for example, had Costco, Gap, Sephora, Whole Foods coming checking out our exhibitors to maybe pick some up and integrate them for the bigger store concept nationwide. John Shegerian: That seems to be your new paradigm. Wherever the Green Festivals go now, it’s a three-day event – Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, right? Corinna Basler: Yes. Absolutely. John Shegerian: We’re your green media partner, and we love being at all your events. Where is the Green Festivals going after D.C.? Where can our listeners and our viewers come see you at? In which cities across America after D.C.? Corinna Basler: Sure. After D.C. – just to mention another highlight after the partnership. John Shegerian: Sure. Corinna Basler: It’s also BMW. So we’re working with D.C. BMW centers. That also is the first time ever here in Washington. So having not just the I-3’s but having the I-8 on the floor, and it’s an all-green car and it’s really unique. We had a lot of journalists trying to cover the car. John Shegerian: So Ford was here and BMW. Corinna Basler: Yes. We also have Zipcar. I mean, transportation is really so important, because almost everyone needs a car to drive. John Shegerian: Right. Corinna Basler: You need to go to work. And that’s a very easy way and a very easy decision for every consumer to make instead of buying a regular car to buy the greener version. John Shegerian: That is great. Any other new partnerships in D.C. you want to talk about? Corinna Basler: There are a couple of new partners. But to answer your original question, where are we going to be in the Fall…. John Shegerian: Yes. Corinna Basler: Yes. Where will we be? The next show will be in September, Los Angeles. John Shegerian: Back to L.A. Corinna Basler: Back to L.A. at the L.A. Convention Center. John Shegerian: Three days. Corinna Basler: That’s going to be three days. John Shegerian: And then? Corinna Basler: We’re going to San Francisco in November, which will also be amazing. John Shegerian: And then we have a new city coming up in December. Corinna Basler: Exactly. For the first time ever, we’re going to be in Portland, Oregon. John Shegerian: Wow. Corinna Basler: That will be exciting. John Shegerian: And for our listeners and viewers that want to buy tickets or sign up as a vendor for those three conferences in the Fall, just go to www.GreenFestivals.org. Corinna Basler: Yes. Www.GreenFestivals.org, and you can find all our dates, our cities. And we already launched our dates for next year. So for 2016, if you’re interested to join us, please go online. John Shegerian: And what cities are we going to next year? Corinna Basler: Same cities. John Shegerian: Same cities. Corinna Basler: Yes. Because those markets are really established, we have a tight collaboration with the community, we would like to give back to the community and we look forward to going to the five cities. John Shegerian: Awesome. Any final thoughts? Corinna Basler: Well, it’s always a pleasure working with you. It’s so important to work with the right media partners, with nonprofits and also with our great green exhibitors. Without everyone – I mean – we just couldn’t make it happen. John Shegerian: When you’re in red and I’m in green, that means we’re at a Green Festival with all the great vendors and all the great people that you invite from all the communities that you serve. It’s a real honor to be part of what you’re doing. You’re making the world a better place at all times, and you are truly living proof that green is good. Thank you so much, Dr. Corinna Basler. Corinna Basler: Thank you, John. I really appreciate it. Thank you. John Shegerian: You’re the best. You’re the best. You’re the best. For our listeners and viewers out there, www.GreenFestivals.org. Sign up to be a vendor. Sign up to come be a guest. It’s really the greatest Green Festivals in the world. We’re coming to L.A., San Francisco and Portland – to a city near you. Thank you. This is John Shegerian and Dr. Corinna Basler from the Green Festivals in D.C., thanking you for being part of Green Is Good.

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