Get Off Your Sugar with Dr. Daryl Gioffre

April 15, 2021

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Dr. Daryl Gioffre is a functional nutritionist, board-certified chiropractor, and anti-inflammation expert who specializes in the alkaline/acid diet. He is the author of Get Off Your Acid and founder of Alkamind and the Gioffre Wellness Center, located in New York City and Newport Beach, California.

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John: Welcome to another edition of the Impact Podcast. I am John Shegerian, I am so honored to have with us today. Dr. Daryl Gioffre, welcome to the Impact Podcast, doc.

Dr. Daryl Gioffre: Hey, thank you so much for having me. I appreciate it and it is great to be here with you and your incredible audience.

John: Hey, listen doc, you are from New York City. We are going to be talking about your new book today, Get Off Your Sugar, it is a great book. I have read it as you can see with my markers and I loved it. Before we get talking about your book, I really want you share a little bit about you, you yourself for my audience that has not met you before and I want to get to know you. I know you are another native New Yorker, share a little bit about your background and your journey leading up to becoming a very successful doctor and also best-selling author.

Daryl: Oh, thank you. I can tell you this John always was not about health for me, that is for sure and what I mean by that is I had a massive addiction of sugar. Ever since I can remember going back to like age five, when you are a kid and even it is a high school you kind of get away with these things.

John: Right.

Daryl: I really looking back, I did not get away with it. Growing up, I would get chronic ear infections, every couple of weeks literally, I had tubes in my ears not once but twice. As a high schooler, I will never forget I had horrific acne at all these black spots on my face. I will never forget the time my mom took me to a dermatologist and what do they do? They gave me a bunch of bleaching cream and a night, I literally had 50 little black white spots all over my face that try and bleach these brown spots.

Looking back now, it is like none of these doctors as well intentioned as they might have been. They never really went far enough upstream to find out why were these things having. Your skin is the third kidney, is the largest detox organ of the body. So it does not matter if it is acne, melasma wish I had, dermatitis, psoriasis, whatever the word is, it is all coming from inside the body. It starts in the gut and what starts in the gut, starts in the mouth, what you put on the fork, so that is kind of my story and I played soccer at Boston College, I was on the other 20 national team and my senior year, I did not really know what I wanted to be or what I want to do, so I just joined the pre-law program.

I figured I kind of go in the footsteps of my grandfather, my uncle, and my brother, but it really was not something that I was passionate about or really wanted to do, not that there is anything wrong with that. I just did not know at that age what I wanted to do.

Then my senior year, I had a really bad injury and one of my soccer games. It was one of those injuries where I am like, oh-oh, and my dad dragged me to the chiropractor by the way, it was after I saw seven different doctors that said I would never play soccer again. Just put a little footnote on that one. So I had nothing to lose but I heard all the things. Once you go to the chiropractor, you got to go the rest of your life, so I was a little timid, a little scared but my dad was going for years.

He went for colds and things like that and not just back pain and literally after two adjustments it was incredible, I was back on the field playing soccer. What amaze me most about that doctor was he did not put anything in my body, he did not take anything out of my body, he just remove the interference to the way that my body was working. Once that interference was removed to my nerves which had a lot of stress from the injury that I had, my body healed itself. For me it was like one of those lightning bolt moments where your body can heal itself, you have this power to heal yourself, this is what innate intelligence is.

So my senior year, I decided to switch from pre-law to pre-med and I went to chiropractic college, became a chiropractor, and I was really a game changer for me. Again, the skeleton in the closet was my addiction to sugar and over the years in my 20s I noticed that I started gaining more weight and it got to the point that I was 42 pounds heavier than I am today. I have a lot of willpower, John, but my energy was completely depleted.

I could adjust 50 people in a day, but at the end of the day I was gone because my willpower was with driving me through that, but I never had enough energy because the sugar just depleted my body of its energy of its life for. I would say the straw that broke the camel’s back was I was leaning down to adjust the patient and my pants literally split right down the back side.

It was a painful moment but for me it was really what made me finally come to terms with my sugar addiction and I ditched the deprivation mindset which we could definitely talk about how most people go about it and I just started adding, things that alkalize my body. I learned about the alkaline diet. I started with one green juice because that is really right row at the core of a strength eating diet. It tasted like swamp juice when I started because my taste buds were so acidic and so used to sugar but something new when I put into my body, I knew that it was right.

No one ever drinks a green juice and after it says, you know that is not good for me. Literally I just started stacking and that is the approach of the new book and within 21 days my cravings were from sugar was completely gone. I am talking about a lifelong addiction and in just under 4 months I had dropped about 42 pounds. It became my new mission in life and here we are now many, many years later talking about it and that is the goal, we want to help as many people get through this.

John: That is fascinating. Now walk me through. Let us go back to school though, your classic schooling to become a chiropractor. When I talk to my nephew, he is a doctor. He is my godson and when I asked him about how much did he get about nutrition in medical school, a great medical school, not far from where you sit right now. He said to me Uncle John not a lot. Not a lot. How about you? Was your focus on nutrition obviously was a personal thing to you, but did you have any classic training in nutrition over in chiropractic school at all?

Daryl: Yes. We did have some classic training but at the time John, I did not know the impact that nutrition was going to have on my body. This was something that evolved as I was a chiropractor, but you are right. I mean the average medical school is 14 to 18 hours, they do not get any of it really and chiropractic we definitely delve more into it but it was more textbook nutrition.

You definitely got the good foundation, but not what we really need now to really address what the true issues that people are having. Inflammations never been higher, we have never been more toxic as a human species especially here in the United States in human history. The toxic level is what is really driving us to be sicker and more overweight as a nation and those are the two things. We are deficient and we are toxic.

That is what we have to really address and so we start to really go underneath the surface and address the real reasons, why we are gaining weight, why we have no energy, why we are addicted to sugar, why our hormones are out of balance, and why chronic degenerative inflammatory diseases are skyrocketing and epidemic proportion. I mean, we are never going to change this. So…

John: For our listeners out there who just joined us, we have got Dr. Daryl Gioffre with us today. You can find the doc at, that is his first New York Times best seller, now his new book is on its way to becoming another best seller, Get Off Your Sugar, I have read the book, it is amazing. You can find it on his website. You can also find it on, Barnes & Noble and other great book stores.

Doc, first of all, what was really shocking to me when I first started reading the book is that Kelly Ripa, who is an icon here in America probably around the world who looks from the outside like a healthy beautiful thin woman. She wrote the forward because she had the sugar addiction. So can you go on about how looks can be deceiving and how all of us in one way shape or another could be a sugar addict and not even know it?

Daryl: Yes. Kelly Ripa is one of my most favorite people in the world. She walks the walk better than anybody that I know. She looks like you just said, she feels it, to keep up with a busy demands of her lifestyle, you got to be healthy, you got to really take this thing serious and that is what she does and just like you can see it with her on the outside, that is how it is on the inside her as well. We have done her live blood testing in my office.

We did what is called an epigenetic test last year and she actually wrote about this in the forward of the book, it was really cool. Now she turned 50 this year, I mean how incredible that she looked but her biological age was 35, so her chronological age, that is our number. Right? The biological age which is basically your age based on how you eat, how you think, how you move, how you manage stress, and that is a key thing right now. I mean, I think we have never been more stress out ever last year ever right?

Last year was the year that we stress ate the most so my question to everybody is, are you managing stress or are you letting your stress manage you? She is able to keep up with those demands and manage the stress, so it does not take her out. She exercises every day, every time she puts foods into her mouth, its strength foods and then she backs all that up with a really solid purpose. When she does something, she does it. She does it to the enth degree, right? That is why I appreciate about her so much. I call her my energy filled acid kicking machine.

To your point it always was not that way and she talked about this in the forward of my first book Get Off Your Acid. She came into my office because of her daughter and I could talk about this because she wrote about it. Her daughter had come back from summer camp and you know what they feed kids at summer camp it is not health food, right? Stress foods, and she just was not feeling great.

As I am talking to Kelly and her daughter about what is going on, I noticed that Kelly was kind of moving around the chair. Then we just started to having an open conversation about it and she started to tell me that she is been having all these unusual aches and pains and Kelly is the energizer bunny, the alkaline energizer body, but her energy was not really up to the standards that she typically keeps it at. So we just really started to kind of look at both of them because they were going to do this together.

So in solidarity with their daughter, they did my sugar detox which now we call the acid kicking sugar detox and literally after the third day, she went on her show. I had no idea she was going to do this, it was wild. She told her whole audience that it changed her life. She is not in pain anymore. She ate more on the detox than she did in her real life and she was response. She felt that this was responsible for everything that she felt and just three days, it is so incredible. This is the cool thing is that when you look at sugar, sugar is the most acidic substance you can put into the body. It is not even a food, it is a drug. In fact, I call it America’s drug of choice and this is what we need to know about sugar. Sugar equals acid and acid equals inflammation.

She was eating a lot of good health foods, but there were some things in the diet that she did not realize that was driving up the inflammation inside her body, in her joints, and things like that. So just after a few days of getting off her acid and eating strength foods and being on the alkaline supplements, it is incredible how everything just turned around.

That is the thing. I think you nailed the head is that a lot of people think that if you are skinny you can be healthy, but I am going to tell you people who are skinny. I mean, even fit people who have high levels of inflammation and acid, it is actually more dangerous than someone that is a little bit overweight, because fat in the short run is actually going to protect the acids in the toxins in your body. Now in the long run that is not good because it is actually corrosive. That is what acid is, it is so corrosive.

It could burn a hole through metal. So think about what that does inside your body, but your body wants to protect itself. So it literally takes the fat cell and it attaches itself to the toxin and then what it does, it lodges it in all of our tissues. What I call the acid magnets, the acid catcher. So the stomach, the butt, the legs, and things like that, and it keeps it there to protect yourself. So the problem though is as those acids accumulate and accumulate you are going to gain more weight, but those acids are going to rust and rot you from the inside out. Someone that is skinnier, it is going to have more effect on them because they do not have that fat as a buffer.

So with the body starts to use is the minerals and the body will literally pull out the minerals from your bones, from your muscles. Number one cause of osteoporosis, not a calcium deficiency, it is an acid problem. The body rubs Peter to pay Paul and it does that to protect itself because it does not want us to die. So it does not matter where we are at. Everybody is exposed to acid from the environment, from diet, from water, and we got to just really start to be more proactive and start to add things into our diet to deal with the acidic effects that we know we are going to encounter.

John: Doc, I love it. Talk a little bit about ulcers and cancer. I have friends that look from the outside like movie stars, but were you sugar addicts and they developed lymphoma, other types of cancer. I have other friends that look like movie stars and they come to me and say, “John, do you know what doctor to help me? I just thought I had diagnosed with an ulcer.” Talk about the relation to ulcer and other inflammation diseases such as cancer or autoimmune diseases that relate back to sugar.

Daryl: Yes, this is something that really hits home for me because I lost my father to cancer just a few years ago. In fact my first book Get Off Your Acid was dedicated to him and all the people out there who are suffering with this horrific disease, but the first thing we have to understand about cancers that ninety-five percent of all cancers are not genetic, it is epigenetic. It comes from toxicity. Again, one of the top toxins on a list is sugar. Sugar literally feeds cancer.

Cancer loves sugar because it requires sugar for to be alive. I will never forget, this is the opening story of Get Off Your Acid and I am not going to get into the story now, but it will blow your mind the way how you learn how my dad was diagnosed with cancer. It stems around a car accident that he was driving my mom and he basically, my mom sees the car bearing over 70 miles per hour right on one of the heaviest highways in Hartford, Connecticut. She looks over at my father and he was passed out against the window like that.

So why and what happened was the car went up the divider, she pulls his legs off the accelerator, the car comes back down. John it is a miracle that they did not die from a car accident in that moment. The car goes back up. She pulls the keys out of the accelerator, car comes back down, comes to a grinding halt. She thought that he was dead of a heart attack or a stroke. She calls 911 and 18 minutes later, by the way a few minutes after he comes too, start sweating profusely and regains his consciousness, but the ambulance comes 18 minutes later. They take him to the hospital in Hartford. I had gone up later that day because I was in New York City.

I was actually training for the marathon, New York Marathon a week later. They were driving down to actually watch the marathon. So it is kind of, the whole thing how it happened was crazy, but I will never forget when they ruled out stroke, they ruled out aneurysm, they ruled out heart attack, they found out that he was having some blood in his stool from what they told them, and of course my dad being the stubborn old Italian father never told us anything about what is going on with him.

He had ulcers in his esophagus because he had this silent reflux for years, which he never told anybody about and therefore never took care of it, never treated it. If you look at in the first book, I talk about the five stages of acidosis. The first stage, you get food sensitivities, food reactions, inflammatory reactions to the food that you are eating. The second stage is inflammation. The fourth stage is ulceration and sclerosis and the fifth stage is chronic degenerative disease, like heart disease, the number one killer. Number two, cancer, which by the way has now overtaken heart disease as the number one killer in 21 states including California where we built right now.

So it is a progressive thing and what happened was from all that acid that he had in his body from just the lifestyle, the sugar addiction he had, which is another reason why I am so passionate about this, think about again what I just said acid is corrosive. So a literally eats you alive and that is what it was doing to his stomach and his esophagus so much so that he was bleeding from the inside out that caused the dark stools and that is what made him pass out.

Then they gave him the PET scan which is radioactive sugar and I will never forget this image of this big pink glowing ball there because why, the sugar feeds the cancer and that is why we saw that picture right there. It was a crazy moment, but that is what we have to focus on right now, which is all these things build up and they stack and they stack and they stack and the endpoint is one of those roads. It could be heart disease.

It could be cancer. It could be Alzheimer’s which are now calling type 3 diabetes of the brain, which is insulin resistance of the brain, which happens from inflammation of the brain. Well, what causes inflammation of the brain? Sugar glycation and also these inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids, which are the bad fats that were consuming in just the highest proportions.

John: For our listeners and viewers of just joined us we have got Dr. Daryl Gioffre, he is a best-selling author. He is just written this great book Get Off Your Sugar. You can find it of course at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and also, you can get in contact with Dr. Daryl Gioffre. Doc, you say in your book here, which I have read.

Sugar is to cancer as gas to fire. Besides cancer, autoimmune diseases as you say, we have environmental burdens at an all-time high. We are living through an unprecedented pandemic, if we are feeding ourselves the wrong thing right now, we are playing with fire because if it does not end up as, as you say some skin disease such as psoriasis, or some ulceration inside, or cancer which you just walked us through your father’s situation, horrific situation. Even autoimmune diseases now are at an all-time high and sugar are leading to acidity and those auto MS Parkinson’s, and rheumatoid arthritis, and all those kind of horrific diseases. Correct?

Daryl: A hundred percent. One of the things I specialize is in got help we do some really advanced testing. That is one of my mottos we got to test not guess because we are all unique bio individuals and John what might work for you maybe might not work for the next person. So at the core of this we have to really improve our diet.

We all need to take some form of supplements based on things you are deficient in and we got to start to really remove the lifestyle factors, these blocking factors that is causing all the stress. So we got to manage the stress, but at the core of this when you look at autoimmune diseases, leaky gut is at the core of every autoimmune issue. I do not care if it is rheumatoid arthritis, if it is Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism. Because yes, what is leaky gut? Leaky gut I say is the cause of all disease with a hyphen because the more disease, lack of balance due disease.

So the question is what is getting into the blood that is living in the gut. We all have stealth pathogens inflammation and at the core of every issue we have every health issue everyone that you just named plus so many more is inflammation. What is the primary cause of inflammation? It is sugar, grains, dairy, and leaky gut. So we have to really look at what is causing these craters in our gut that is allowing these toxins and inflammation undigested food to leak into the blood and then once it gets into the blood, it becomes a systemic highway to the entire body. What happens is the stress area of our body is what accumulates all these toxins and inflammation.

It could be the brain, it could be breast tissue, it could be the prostate, it could be your back. All right, so we are only as strong as the weakest link in the body, it knows how to find those things. So we got to really address the leaky gut and if we go one step further, what is the prime driver of leaky gut it is these acidic foods that are punching holes in the gut and not just the foods. The number one cause of leaky gut is antibiotics. Sugar and grains which is a big one. Grains are like those stealth foods that are going to really cause so much inflammation. So we got to be wary of the pasta, the bread, even things like oatmeal but there are other things that can cause that.

They punch holes in the gut but an antibiotic is like a napalm bomb going off in the gut. It literally causes leaky gut for two years. Now, I am not here to tell you what to do as far as how you take care of yourselves but the research shows the only time we should really have an antibiotic is if we are going to die. There are so many other things that we can do in its place that is selectively going to go after viruses and bacteria, fungus and things like that. These are things we can get into but it is really incredible how this traces by the diet.

John: I love what you say on the bottom of the book and we are going to get into that now because I want to give– I mean what is great about you is that you not only talked about the problem which we just talked about the last 15 to 20 minutes, but it says at the bottom of your great book here Get Off Your Sugar, stress-eating which every one of us for the last 11 months have been involved with some form of stress-eating to strength eating. You talk about in your book, but I loved is you made it easy to remember, even a guy like me, 58 year old guy can remember, weed, seed, and feed. Can you talk, explains to our listeners how we go to strength eating, weed, seed, and feed your style?

Daryl: Yes. Well, everybody understands which stress-eating is and I think the example you gave was the perfect example. I mean think about last February, March when we learned about the pandemic because we were all blindsided by the pandemic. No one knew that this was coming and then we had this quarantine I was slapped upon us. I was in New York City at that time early on which became the epicenter was like a ghost town.

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You will walk out on Park Avenue right by my office and not worry about anyone hitting you because there was no one there. What happened was all of us or most of us we literally crawled into our foxholes and we never came out and we started stress-eating, and we know what that is. So stress-eating is basically what we do to soothe our body. Our physical bodies and I say more so our emotional minds with the foods that were eating. Think about that, we call them comfort foods, but they are not really comfort foods.

They might give you that instant gratification, but they are not giving any comfort to our body. In fact, it is the opposite. They are stressing our body. They are stressing our energy, they are stressing our immune systems. So most people would think the alternative to stress-eating is to not eat at all. That is impossible. We have to eat. I could wake up is important as exercise is it is a seven step in my book. I could wake up and say, you know what? I am not going to exercise today. It is not a good choice, but I can get away with it, but we have to eat. So the solution is to not, not eat, it is to strength eat, and that is the focus.

It is about adding. So the matter where you are just like me, it is not about deprivation, it is not about the cold turkey approach because it is not going to set you up for success. It might get you two weeks, it might get you 2 months, but you are not addressing the underlying deficiencies, which is minerals, especially magnesium, why you are craving sugar in the first place and that is what most people do, John, they remove the poison, but they do not give the body, the antidote which is the things that it needs to address the real reasons why we are stressing in the first place.

So there are 7 steps in the book and each step stacks on the next one, and it is 21 days program. So for the first 3 days, we are talking about remineralizing because mineral deficiency and I mentioned magnesium is the number one reason why we crave sugar, why we get inflamed, and why the body is really stress eating in the first place. So we start talking about adding more things like green juices, as I mentioned that is where I started, the core of a strength eating diet, green smoothies, green soups, salads, stir fry, steamed veggies, more of those things. It is not about like saying wherever you are at, like you got to do less of that, it is about more of this.

Then the goal is as you add more of the good, you are going to outweigh the bad. Then on day 4, we move into step 2, which are healthy fats. So now we start adding in things like avocados with a little extra virgin olive oil, little sea salt, some sprouts, some cumin, and other forms of healthy fats. What happens is the first three days we keep on doing those foods as we go on to step 2. So each step, it builds and builds and builds. So step 3 is all about protein. Step 4 is about herbs and spices. Step 5 is such an important topic. It is about timing your meals because the reality is that the average American eats 17 times a day.

That is what stress eating is and that is how you are addicted to sugar. Can you go more than 2 or 3 hours without eating something? Because sugar is a fast dirty burn, you eat it, the body burns it, and then you crave it. So the goal is to do what we call metabolic flexibility, add more of these health strengths foods. That is not going to basically allow your body to burn sugar but allow your body to start burning fat.

We teach you how to go from 70 meals a day or no matter where you are at, to intermittent in fasting which I believe is one of the most powerful bio hack you can do for your health and your longevity and then we talked about the rice supplements you need to take in section 6 and then section 7 is all about exercise. Motion is emotions, moving your body. We even have an eight-minute acid kicking workout by my very good close friend Anna Kaiser. She is Kelly Ripa’s trainer and also Shakira’s trainer. She is just a total acid kicker and we created this amazing eight-minute workout, HIIT that splits about guys. It is about stacking and as you stack you are going to feel so good as you go through this. You are not going to want to go back.

John: That is so awesome. Doc, you talk about swapping foods and also no deprivation. You know, that is important. When you say you commit a fasting, we have heard other people talk about intermittent fasting. Ferris has a big fan of it. I think Rogan is a big fan of it. How many hours a day do you fasting? How many hours a day do you eat? What is ideal and what do you like getting your clients to?

Daryl: It is a great question because intermittent fasting to your point has become very in vogue. It is one of the top search words that along with the ketogenic diet that you had on Google but it does not mean that everybody is doing it the right way and what happens is people start doing it because they do not really understand how to take their body from where they are at. Two, intermittent fasting I will tell you what I think the ideal hours are and then what happens is after a couple weeks they just give up on it and what they do, they blame intermittent fasting for not working.

It always works but if you do it the right way. So we teach you the right way to get there in a way that is not going to be hard on the body and that is not going to be too of an extreme switch over. I would say the most common intermittent fasting form is what we call 16-8 and what that means is that you are going to be doing the fasting zone for 16 hours and then you go into the feast zone where you are eating for 8 hours. When I say the fasting zone, you can still obviously drink water, lemon water will throw scoops of our green powders into the water which will no break your fast, you can have black coffee.

We have acid kicking coffee, which basically neutralizes the acid in the coffee. You can do herbal teas. I give you creative ways or bio hacks to cheat your fast so that you are not hungry in the morning because you do not want to struggle through this. That is the problem is that I want you to enjoy this. This is about your life. This is not about like having a miserable time doing it. So if you are waking up in the morning and you are hungry, we give you some great bio hacks. For example, you can do 2 tablespoons of chia seeds in a glass of water, you can just mix that up, and drink that.

Now that might not be as exciting as a smoothie but what that chia seeds are going to give you is omega 3 fatty acids. Those fats are going to hold you over, they are going to suppress your hunger. They are going to satiate you, there is protein, there is mineral which is going to cut down the cravings for the sugar. So what you will find is that when you drink that in the morning that is going to get you through until you break the fast which is for most people around twelve o’clock, one o’clock and there are different ways to go about it. You do not have to do it every single day.

For me, I determine fast on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday, I do a warrior fast where I actually extend my fasting time by a few more hours whether that is 18 hours or 20 hours and then I go back into the 16-8 schedule on Thursday and Friday and then on Saturday and with my family, I will do what is called the feast day. I will do 3 meals a day. I will increase some of my healthy carbs like wild rice and quinoa and sweet potatoes.

So it is really just about diet variation, which I think and this is what the research shows is actually more important than the diet itself. This is about fitting this into your lifestyle. It does not matter if your paleo, keto, vegan, vegetarian. Everybody can do this. Everybody can get off their sugar and it is about making this on your time schedule so that it is doable, it is not really so hard on your psychology you will want to stick with it.

John: Doc, I have been a vegetarian almost about 40 years now, vegan about 12 years, and since not for political ideological reasons, I just do it because I feel much better, drink about 50 ounces of green juice a day on something but I have a lot of friends that are getting on the vegan trained or the vegetarian train now with great brands like Beyond Meat and Gardein and everything else that is going on out there, and possible burgers, but I still they tell me, “Oh, John, I am a vegan but I am eating an Oreo cookies. Oh, John, I am a vegan and I am eating this vegan ice cream.” I look at the vegan ice cream, which is delicious of course, but it has a lot of sugar. Talk a little bit about being a vegan or vegetarian or doing even keto but still busting the sugar, sugar limits that you are recommending to help keep us in better balance.

Daryl: Yes. I have so much respect for vegans and vegetarians. In fact, I married one. My wife is a vegan. With a little asterisk, she does use fish oil. I am going to talk about why this is so important in a second I think that…


John: I do not think about it. Like I said, it is not about being perfect it is just feeling better.

Daryl: Exactly. I do not believe that we should classify. It is okay to do this, but I do not classify myself into any specific category.

John: Right.

Daryl: I am ninety-nine percent plant-based and I choose to have some wild-caught fish few times a month. So I guess that would be called a pescatarian but I am healthy. I listen to my body and I give my body based on the things I feel, based on my energy and based on all the things I have learned about my body through all my own ups and downs to my own struggle with sugar addiction. I know what works for my body, but what works for me is not what works for my wife.

We have to understand is that what makes us vegan or vegetarian the philosophy is that we do not eat animal protein. Again, I have such respect for that. We should probably talk about that as well. When we remove the protein, what do most vegans that I coach a most vegetarians do, they start eating sugar and carbs to your point. So they basically take out one acidic food and they actually put it in something that is even more acidic. So it is very noble as far as the reasons why they do it, but it is actually making them more inflamed. I test so many people in my practice.

Many vegans and vegetarians I am going to tell you, I talked about this in both of my books. I give this research to you guys. Vegans and vegetarians tend to have more inflammation than meat eaters. Now, not all, this is within aspects, right? Because there is a healthy way to be a vegan and there is a sick way to be a vegan. My wife, Chelsea, she is the healthiest vegan I have ever seen. In fact, this test is called an omega-3 acid inflammation test. It is on our website. It is an at-home test where you get this kid and you take a little drop of blood from your fingertips, just like a glucose stick. You put it on the little card and then you let it dry for five minutes.

You put in the envelope, there is a stamp on it. It goes right to our lab and it is going to tell you one of the most important bio markers for inflammation ever, it is called the omega-3, omega-6 ratio. Now, we all know that omega 3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory. That is what is in wild-caught, salmon, and trout, in anchovies and herring and sardines. That is also why we need to take fish oil because the inflammation levels have never been higher. Omega-6 fatty acids are pro-inflammatory, those are the bad ones.

I am going to say that is probably even worse for sugar because when you eat sugar, sugar is so toxic the body wants to burn it off right away. The body does not need sugar. It is not an essential fuel, but those omega-6 fats cannot be burned off. So they just get stuck in the body. So you can actually measure the ratio of these bad omega-6 fats, which you find in things like sunflower oil, corn, soy, safflower oil, hydrogenated vegetable fats, grapeseed oil, the worst ratio of any food out there of omega sixes, two, threes.

Any processed food you find out there in a corner you can, I can pretty much guarantee you, you are going to see corn oil, you are going to see cottonseed oil, you are going to see soybean oil, those are the ones that drive up inflammation. So that ratio guys, it is critical. Everybody should know what their ratio is. How many doctors out there have talked to you about testing this? I would assume not many effect probably none.

So the ratio should be one to one. If you look at our ancient ancestors, that is what they were based on the ancient diet, right, which was a healthier diet. It should never be more than 3 to 1, 6 is to 3. The average American has 20 times the amount of these inflammatory omega-6 fats compared to omega 3s and vegans and vegetarians are actually higher, there about 26, 27 to 1. I have actually tested clients. I have seen 50 to 1, the highest I have ever seen is 88 to 1 and here is why that is so bad because omega-3s and omega-6s they compete for the same enzymes especially in your brain.

Before I said that all timers the main cause of that is inflammation of the brain. So what happens is the brain is sixty percent fat. So if you have so many more of this omega 6s compared to 3s. What do you think is going to win every single time the omega 6s and literally what it does it just inflames your brain. In fact, I interviewed a doctor who did all this research and he showed that the average murderer and people in his in the insane asylums had the average ratio of 7 to 1.

What he was saying above and beyond, obviously psychotropic drugs the reason why they have gone so insane and crazy not making conscious choices and decisions is because their brains are so whacked, their brains become hijacked by these inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids. So we got to know what these numbers are and what is the main driver if sugar and omega-6 fats. So we got to test, we got to know what they are. So there is a healthy way to do it John which is the way that you are doing it, which is the way that my wife is doing it. So we want to get lots of healthy greens, dark leafy vegetables, lots of cruciferous vegetables, lots of sulfur-based vegetables.

So that should be the main staple of our diet, lots of healthy fats. Now, I am talking about the fats that heal, not the fats that kill. So avocados, raw nuts, raw seeds, raw oils, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, things like that. Then we want to do moderate sources of protein. If you are vegan, vegetarian plant-based sources of protein and then you got to get those fiber-rich slow burning carbohydrates in, that is like your sweet potatoes, your quinoa which is not a grain, it is a seed, wild rice, which is a grass not a grain, butternut squash, and winter squashes, and things like that. So that is the core of a strengthening diet. If you do that instead of all these other things, you are going to see your health change before your very eyes. It is incredible.

John: [inaudible], vegetables being, brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, type of stuff.

Daryl: Yes, exactly. Cauliflower, we got a lot of great recipes in the book with all those, yes.

John: Now doc, you have a lot of celebrities like Kelly Ripa’s your clients. You have a lot of very healthy people like you, marathon runner and young people and also older people, but I want you to give some hope out there because our listeners are obviously the world is made up of so many people. Your book is not just meant for the celebrities, for the healthy people, this is a book of hope. So no matter where anybody is in their journey, whatever they are suffering from, if they follow your methodology here and get off your sugar, go from stress-eating to strength eating. There is a lot of Hope for them, no matter what if they have cancer or some sort of other type of disease or an ulcer, there is hope by reading your book. Explain why?

Daryl: I just got the chills when you said that John when I wrote my first book, I dedicate it to my father’s I mentioned before but it was right when my daughter was born and thankfully my father was kept alive long enough to meet my daughter, but we actually named, my daughter’s name is Alia, her middle name is Hope. We named her that for the very reasons you are talking about. I got chills again. It is never too late.

This book was about me and my story. It became bigger when I lost my father to cancer, it became bigger from the two kids that I have and this is about all of you. This is about your life. This is about your family. This is about what you want to do with your life, and I think the biggest message is never too late to change. It does not matter how old you are. You could be seven. You could be a centenarian. It is never too late to change your life, but you got to start now. We got to stop procrastinating. Procrastination is the killer in dreams.

There is a saying if you want to take the island, you got to burn the boats, but when you are going to burn the boat, you got to start right now. Make the commitment right now, draw that line in the stand, in the stand raise your standards and when you raise your standards and you create a powerful purpose and why, something that is compelling. Because here is the reality, the book I give you the strategy. I did not give you some ways to help you develop your why but strategy it is the MAP, the Massive Action Plan, that is twenty percent of your success. Eighty percent of your success is your why.

There is a saying if the why is big enough, you are going to find the way the how we will find a way. So what I recommend everybody does right now when after they hear this is stop for 5 minutes, go to a room where you by yourself, take out a journal and notebook, whatever, and for five minutes to start to brainstorm. What is your purpose? Now, losing weight can be a why but that is a superficial why. Why do you want to lose weight? It needs to be something like when you said that word hope, John, I got chills.

It needs to be something that gives you chills, something that moves you down to your very soul and I promise you, it does not matter if we are hit with a pandemic or whatever is coming because the reality is we do not know what is ahead but we got to be ready for it. Anticipation is the key to health. I can tell you this, my clients who were kicking acid, who were strength eating, exercising, managing stress, when this pandemic happened they were the ones that tend to feel better. If you have a hurricane, you go to the beach the next day, the one the houses that were not well maintained that were just basically just sitting there they are the ones in trouble, but the ones that were reinforced with steel that were kept up and maintain those are the ones that are still there. We are no different. We got to think of ourselves just like that and start now. Just start with one thing. John drinks 50, I mean, how much green juice to drink a day, like…

John: 50 ounces.

Daryl: 50 ounces, just start with one green juice, make it easy, and then commit that you are going to do that for seven days, and then go to the another thing, and then another. So master one thing and then move on and before you know it, you are going to start to stack these things into your body. You are going to feel better. Your energy is going to get better, but you just got to keep going and you got to start now.

John: Hey, Doc you are the best. I cannot wait to have you back on to continue your story, continue your journey, and share more great tips. For our listeners and viewers out there, listen, this pandemic is not over yet. Science is winning but we have still 6 to 8 months to go before we get back to what people are saying is the new normal, do not go to a new normal. I think that is a defeatist way to go here.

Go to a new better, buy the Doc’s book. This book will change your life. I learned so much for and I thought I knew a lot about nutrition. Being a vegetarian and vegan, this book is going to change your life. So you go become a new better when we get through this pandemic, which has been a massive tragedy for everybody in one way shape or another. Doc, you are really the best, you are making great impacts for our listeners out there, go find this book, go to, Barnes & Noble, other great book stores, or Dr. Daryl Gioffre, you are making great impacts. You are making us better in our health nutrition and therefore making the world a better place. Thank you for joining us today on the Impact Podcast.

Daryl: John, thank you so much, and I just want to thank you. I appreciate you for first and foremost having me on, but more so for who you are, what you do, you live this, you walk it, but you are helping so many other people out there get this information. I just, I want to thank you for everything that you do, you are changing so many lives and I just appreciate you for that. So it is an honor and a privilege. I cannot wait to get you down here and we are going to test you biological age. You are going to be way younger than that, for that number that you said before I said.

John: We are going to talk about my test results when I started with you and as I start working with you on the next show and next time you are back on the Impact. How is that?

Daryl: Beautiful. All right, I cannot wait for it. Thank you so much again.

John: Thank you doc, continued health and success.

Daryl: You too.

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