Jill Riley is President and CEO of U.S. based Alapure, a beauty and cosmetics company specializing in unique products made with Marula oil sustainably sourced from the southern countries of Africa. Jill’s love for world travel has taken her from the exotic caves of Postojna, Slovenia to the unpaved and narrow streets of Swaziland where her experience of the different cultures, treasures and beauty secrets made a refreshing and lasting impression. By meeting people and encountering different beauty ingredients from around the world, Jill discovered myriad ways to maintain a youthful appearance from a number of natural, organic ingredients. One such ingredient is Marula oil. Jill discovered Marula oil during a visit to South Africa. It is known as the “miracle oil” of southern Africa and has been used for centuries for healing skin ailments, preserving food and fruit, for getting rid of stretch marks as well as a sun block. On researching Marula oil, Jill learned that it is packed with skin-friendly nutrients, has a non-greasy texture and absorbs quickly while delivering its nutrition at the deepest level. Her curiosity about this oil and the women who work to produce the oil took Jill back to South Africa for a rare second trip. She has since experienced the benefits and uses of Marula oil and plans to continue to work on a new series of Marula oil based products that also include other natural, organic and effective ingredients. Jill strongly believes that to attain beauty on the outside you have to begin from the inside. From her yoga practice, she has learned that beauty is not only what you put on your face and body, but also how you treat your body, mind and soul. She believes a balance between outward personality and inner self, a disciplined diet, regular exercise and a return to nature are the imperatives for looking and feeling good. It is on these premises that she founded Alapure Cosmetics and the ‘Alapure Lifestyle’. “The one thing is once the people that we encounter, once they have that ability to touch and feel the products, it’s just a no-brainer. I saw somebody got converted yesterday, a gentleman who had no intentions of buying the products. I said, ‘Just one drop, that’s all you need, just one drop.’ He allowed me to put one drop of oil on his hand. He bought the oil. He bought some soaps. He was converted.”

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