Conrad MacKerron’s fascination with the green movement began early on in his previous career as a journalist in Washington, D.C., where he regularly reported on various environmental issues. He took this experience to As You Sow in 1997, working on corporate responsibility matters. He has since engaged numerous companies to improve their environmental standards. As You Sow represents corporate investors while helping them reduce both social and environmental risk. These programs are long-term approaches to help investors better understand what they can do to reduce their environmental footprint while helping to improve their brand image. It’s a win-win for companies and consumers. “A lot of the waste is at a community level in the United States,” MacKerron says. “If you can help energize waste collection at the local level, that helps wake up policymakers at the regional and federal levels, and really helps companies realize that consumers care about this.” Visit the As You Sow website. Conrad MacKerron appeared on Green is Good on November 12, 2011.

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