The Bulk is Green Council’s mission is to educate consumers about the environmental benefits of buying foods in bulk. Clint Landis, of Frontier Natural Products Co-Op in Norway, IA, sits on the council board, and shares his passions of environmentalism and living well. The savings from buying in bulk are major — around 30% to 60% for the consumer. And that’s just the beginning. Bulk goods require less transportation, reduce food waste and lessen manufacturing demand. All of this adds up to major CO2 reductions across the board — a big savings for Mother Nature! “Bulk foods, in this day and age, are more relevant than they ever have been,” Landis reveals. “There are a number of things people don’t understand about buying in bulk, and it’s because they haven’t done it yet. Everything from saving packaging to saving money — with the economy the way it is, who doesn’t need to save money? Bulk is a phenomenal way to save.” Visit the Bulk is Green Council website. Clint Landis appeared on Green is Good on November 5, 2011.  

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