With a strong background in production and planning, Chris Couchman’s career over the past 10 years has included heading up projects and operations for News UK, Zest Media Group and Time Inc. UK.

Now the Head of content for the digital magazine’s app Readly, Chris is personally responsible for the complete management of publishers across all English Language and Nordic Markets. (UK & Ireland, Asia Pacific, North America and Nordics).

Readly is the new way of reading magazines on tablets and smartphones.

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Readly’s mission is simple: To be on the cutting edge of the digital magazine revolution. Our expert management team has more than 25 years of experience in the publishing, digital gaming, and broadcasting industries.

Readly is a digital subscription service that lets customers have unlimited access to nearly 5,000 national and international magazines – all in one app. Founded by Joel Wikell in Sweden in 2012, Readly is today one of the leading companies in digital magazine subscriptions in Europe with users in 50 markets. In collaboration with around 900 publishers worldwide, Readly is digitizing the magazine industry. Our purpose is to bring the magic of magazines into the future, enabling the discovery and survival of quality content. During 2020 Readly distributed more than 140,000 issues of magazines that have been read 99 million times. www.readly.com

Readly gives access to magazines ;in an eco-friendly way, issuing new magazines and reliving favourites. It is global, instant and suits the conscious consumer.