Coco Jack’s inventor, Dave, left his home in New York City in 2012 to live full time on the road. An orchestra conductor by trade and a formerly provincial New Yorker, Dave now splits his time between various western states; Austin, TX; and Nashville, TN — with the occasional stop back in New York for old time’s sake. Dave spent most of 2013 traveling the country talking to manufacturers and designers about making and marketing the Coco Jack. After over a year-and-a-half of work — and nearly 100 different prototypes — the Coco Jack is finally ready for market. Along the way, folks asked Dave to invent some other tools to help get the meat out. After months of searching for the right partner, Dave found his man in Chino, CA. Together, they developed a product that is almost as amazing as the Coco Jack itself: The Coco Scoop.

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