The Larsen family’s experience with dietary changes aimed at improving the health of the gut microbiome eventually spurred them to found their company offering those with common gut-related food allergies ways to improve their health. Tula’s CocoKefir produces raw, young coconut kefir and markets it on the company’s website for delivery across the U.S. It’s also available in select stores in 26 states. In addition, the company is launching a new cultured vegetable drink for kids, who suffer from gut-related illnesses in higher numbers than adults. Along their journey, Michael has learned there are aspects of modern life that destroy the fragile ecosystems we harbor in our bodies (our microbiomes). While there is much talk about the impact of human activity on the environment (the macro environment), Michael has come to learn that modern life also has an impact on “micro environments.” Antibiotics, disinfectants and antibacterial soaps destroy these fragile ecosystems that science is discovering are key to our health. In addition, the standard American diet feeds unhealthy yeasts and microbes in the gut while starving off healthy microbes. Michael believes we wage war on the microbiological world in our attempts to control “bad” bacteria with little regard for the “good” bacteria on whom we depend on for our health and wellbeing. Michael and his family have found a lifestyle that nurtures healthy bacteria and has improved the health of all members of his family in profound ways. He strives to share this information that has helped his family so much in the hope others’ lives can be improved in similar ways. (Tula’s CocoKefir Show begins at 12:15)

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