Even though the Burpo family has been on a wild ride for the past few years, they still live their life as “normally” as possible. Todd loves fixing things, grilling in the back yard, speaking to audiences all over the world, and a solid afternoon nap. Sonja finds her joy in loving and teaching kids of all ages, raising her own kids and managing their busy schedule, and being the backbone of Heaven is for Real Ministries. 

Colton, 21, is busy every day working as an apprentice to an electrician, along with keeping up with speaking events, podcast interviews, and other media opportunities all over the world.

The Burpo Family is deeply committed to their faith in Jesus, and their experiences through the Heaven is for Real journey has only solidified their love of the Lord and their love of the local church. They are passionate about working tirelessly to keep Heaven is for Real Ministries alive and well through the creation of new books and resources as well as through speaking to audiences all over the world.