Brian, Co-Founder. I believe that we are helping to promote sustainable consciousness and making it easier for people, communities and businesses to reach their goals in being and living more environmentally minded. We are in the business of changing habits and perceptions from how things are done now to how they could be done to be better for everyone. I truly believe that recycling our organics through composting is a gateway for a greater movement towards a sustainable society leading people to choose to shop local, eat healthier fresh foods and be mindful of the businesses they support. Ryan, CEO/Co-Founder I started The Compost Crew because I wanted to use business to make a positive impact on my community. What I love the most about our organization is the amazing group of people (colleagues and customers, collectively Crewmembers) that I get to work with day in and out towards a unified goal that I am proud to have played a part in shaping. Kevin, Crew Leader I became a part of the Compost Crew early 2015 to join forces with two like-minded individuals, who I know are having a positive impact and protecting the environment. My personal contribution to the team is to extend our network and build our brand through sales, on the ground operations, and our social media presence in the DC Metro area. In the short time with The Compost Crew I have been exceptionally impressed with the willingness of our customers/crewmembers to promote environmentally sustainable practices in their everyday lives.

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