Max graduated with a degree in Enology & Viticulture from the Universidad Mayor de Chile and is a former Officer of the Chilean Army. In February 2010, he began with Cono Sur after working in the fresh fruit trade and export fields, as he decided the time was right to pursue his true passion. He was hired as a viticultural assistant, focused on the ‘Fundo Las Lomas’ vineyard and later became Export Coordinator for Asian and Eastern European markets, during which time he gained considerable experience in commercial matters in those and other markets. Next, Max was offered the position of Brand Ambassador for the US market. He has diverse skills and experience, including winemaking, viticulture and commercial skills and diverse international experience. Being young and single, he is willing to travel throughout the USA promoting the fine wines of Cono Sur and having the capacity to explain the innovative and sustainable, as well as organic, growing and winemaking processes utilized by Cono Sur. He spent last harvest as a junior winemaker, working in every aspect in the cellar as well as visiting the many Cono Sur vineyards and growers, checking the quality of the grapes leading up to harvest with a keen eye to quality. In June of 2012, Max started his assignment in the U.S. Based in New York City, he is available to work with importer and distributor reps, participate in sales meetings, run tastings, do winemaker dinners, interviews and any kind of activity to help explain and promote Cono Sur as one of the most innovative and highest quality Chilean wineries.

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