Bob Keefe joined E2 in 2011 after more than 20 years as a business, technology and political journalist, covering everything from clean tech in Silicon Valley to climate change in the Arctic to the White House and Congress in Washington, D.C.. In addition to growing up in his family’s business, Bob co-founded a technology news website and has co-authored or edited several business-related books. He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina. How did you first get involved in the green industry? As a journalist, I saw the influence and the innovation that came out of the business world; the importance of good public policy that can come from state and federal government and the growing hazards of climate change. As a father of three daughters, I felt the need to use the limited skills and my experience as to do something about it. What interests you most about being green? The intersection of the environment and the economy. What is your biggest “green” pet peeve? When people talk about being “green.” With few exceptions, we all care about clean air, clean water and a good environment. Unfortunately, polarization, politics and stereotyping with monikers can sometimes get in the way. What green trend is most exciting to you or your industry? The potential catalyst that smart policies like the new EPA carbon standards and renewable portfolio standards in the states can have to help both our economy and our environment.

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