Here in the dead of winter, heating a home can be a major cost to homeowners and a major drain on utilities companies. Roy Johnson, CEO of EcoFactor, is aiming to change the way we heat (and cool) our homes. EcoFactor’s communicating thermostat uses cloud-based software to analyze a home’s energy usage patterns, thereby making heating and cooling a more energy-efficient (and, in turn, cost-saving) endeavor. When starting off with EcoFactor, the consumer doesn’t need to do anything different. After answering a few quick questions, a digital heating/cooling schedule is built and the user can decide how efficient to operate. EcoFactor’s software takes care of the rest. “Energy efficiency is by far the most cost-effective way of reducing greenhouse gas and energy consumption overall,” Johnson explains. “If we can all reduce our usage of electricity and gas, it makes a huge difference. It’s much cheaper to deploy a solution like ours than it is to build another power plant or another solar array or another wind farm.”