Mary Alice Kurtz, the Sustainability Program Manager at General Motors, views the brand’s Green program, wherein its environmental employees help mentor the local community on how we can all have an impact on our local watersheds, as one of its biggest successes. Annually, hundreds of GM employees want to mentor and be a part of this program. They provide their expertise on environmental issues and the teachers bring the education aspect and the students. This year, more than 9,000 students will be mentored across the U.S. and Canada. “It really gives a sense to the employees that they’re engaged, that they’re helping,” Kurtz says. “They’re doing more than our internal work in the manufacturing community. We’ve got employees from over 42 sites right now that are involved and it really provides a sense of accomplishment when they’re able to share their knowledge, their expertise on conservation and getting the kids involved in these stem subjects and then also encouraging them to get involved in their local community activities.” Visit the General Motors website. Mary Alice Kurtz originally appeared on Green is Good on May 19, 2014.

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