How did you first get involved in the green industry? As a consumer, purchasing organic, local and fair trade products. Then, I joined Green America’s staff 15 years ago, and since then my work has focused on helping consumers and businesses green their practices — from energy to food to finance. What interests you most about being green? Generally speaking, most people think of living green as meaning giving up things that they enjoy. The reality is that greening your life creates better health and a more interesting life — from getting more exercise through walking/biking, to a more comfortable home that costs less to heat and cool, to eating better foods. Businesses are learning the same thing — going green creates better, stronger companies with happier employees and customers. What is your biggest “green” pet peeve? I really don’t like “greenwashing” at any level. The best example is the use of “natural” by food companies when their products are full of chemicals and artificial ingredients. Also, attacks on wind power by people who claim to be concerned about the health of birds, but who are funded by the fossil-fuel industry. What green trend is most exciting to you or your industry? The growth of solar power in the U.S. and around the world is incredibly exciting. A decade ago, solar was a cottage industry in the U.S. Now, it is growing rapidly and could easily be 50% of our electric generating capacity in the next 20 years. Also, the growth of organic food in the U.S. is exciting — more and more consumers are understanding the benefits of organics and creating growing demand.

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