Jeff Mosher is Executive Director of the National Water Research Institute, a 501c3 nonprofit with water and wastewater utility members. NWRI, which is located in Southern California, sponsors projects and programs to improve water quality, protect public health and the environment, and create safe, new sources of water. NWRI works with researchers across the country including water and wastewater utilities, universities, and government agencies.

At NWRI, Jeff oversees the research and education programs. He manages projects focused on water reuse – including potable reuse, desalination, and other areas of advanced water treatment. He also has led numerous NWRI independent advisory panels for water, wastewater, and state agencies addressing water quality, treatment options, and the implementation of complex projects. These efforts include administering an expert panel on evaluating the feasibility of developing water recycling criteria for direct potable reuse for the state of California.

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His extensive background in association and research foundation management includes previous positions for the WateReuse Association, WateReuse Research Foundation, and Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies.

Mosher received a BS in Chemistry from the College of William and Mary and an MS in Environmental Engineering from George Washington University.