Fashion entrepreneur at 22 years old… designing a clip-on shoulder pad in the 80’s… Sold Bloomies, Nordstroms, Neimans then was invited on Oprah… wow! Chosen after a QVC audition in 1992 and on for 28 years, designing bras and intimates. Decided to recycle bras and zero options, so reached out to brokers, the American chemistry council and received donations to test (1.2 tons of bras). Now our method is U.S. Patented and recycles bras into carpet padding.

KK pursues bra recycling as a sustainable CERTIFICATION for intimate brands and retailers.

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She trained with Al Gore in 2018 with 2,000 others, and is licensed as a climate Leader to  present the Slides, Science and images from the CLIMATE REALITY PROJECT organizations. She presents in Schools, Community Town Halls and by invitation from Corporations.