Dumpling Daughter founder Nadia Liu Spellman’s parents launched the most high-end Chinese restaurant New England had ever seen in the 1980’s. Growing up in a family where fine cuisine and mom’s home cooking were essential, Nadia was inspired to launch Dumpling Daughter in 2014. As an ode and respect to what her parents started, today, she showcases her childhood favorites and family’s home recipes through multiple restaurants in the Boston area and frozen foods and sauce. Dumpling Daughter frozen foods and Signature Spicy Sweet Soy sauce are now in over 1,200 markets and available nationwide on Amazon Prime and dumplingdaughter.com. Nadia launched her cookbook with her mother, celebrity chef, Sally Ling in 2022, the Dumpling Daughter cookbook: Heirloom recipes from our restaurants and home kitchens, rated top coolest cookbook by Forbes in 2022. The family cookbook, frozen products, sauce, and all fun things Dumpling Daughter are sold through Dumpling Daughter’s ecommerce store, available nationwide.

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