Brian specializes in helping companies save money on their workspace though finding new lease space and by optimizing existing space. He also specializes in helping commercial space providers and managed space providers improve their margins by improving their offering. Brian has specialized in workplace solutions for the past 12 years by working for the leading provider in the industry, then as CEO of one of the largest workplace portals in the world and now in their own facility advisory. In this time Brian has been proud to lead the revolution in office space change Globally. Currently companies still generally take inflexible leases for three to 10 years on long terms at a high cost of occupancy even though most business plans are only six months out. Brian’s passion is to help individuals and companies find the change solutions they need to become faster, smarter, stronger in this new world we live in. Brian’s passion project is to unite global business though Pay it Forward for Business activities. Their movement is growing and is all about helping mature business and start up business create a physical social network together. If you have not been to one of Pay it Forward’s events, then come and experience the might of our giving wall and how it impacts the local community.

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