Jackson Madnick is a longtime environmentalist and water resources and sustainability expert. Jackson is the former Chairperson of the Wayland (MA) Surface Water Quality Committee, present director Congress of Lakes and Pond Association (COLAP) Board of Director, recipient of the 2007 AltWheel’s Regional Environmental Hero Award and a two-time winner of the National GALA Award, the highest honor in the field of special events and public celebrations.

In the past, Madnick’s work has been commended by two White Houses (first Bush and then Clinton), the United Nations, John Glenn, National League of Cities and Al Gore, among others. Jackson helped renew the National Clean Water Act, with a low energy, nationally-televised event that gathered 1 million signatures for a petition to renew the act.

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He has been researching innovative ways to save energy, improve surface and ground water quality and create healthier lawns that require no fertilizer, dramatically less time, money, water and greenhouse gasses. He lives in a sustainable house that he is renovating to produce 95 percent of its heating, cooling and power from the sun and earth. Jackson gives free tours. Join him for one.