Debbie has 30 years of experience in entrepreneurial startups and business. Before launching PISIDIA USA in January 2014, Debbie owned and operated a high-end furniture consignment and design store. Raising four boys, she has practiced recycling and sustainably her whole life. Whether it was keeping clothes to hand down to her younger boys, or finding use for old furniture that was abandoned on the street, Debbie has always practiced moderation and forward thinking. Jonathan is PISIDIA USA’s Director of Marketing and Sales. Jonathan received his B.A. in Sociology from Georgetown University. After graduating from Georgetown, Jonathan moved to Hong Kong to work on a business startup and gain invaluable experiences abroad. He uses his previous entrepreneurial experiences to help in the launching of PISIDIA USA. Jonathan worked three jobs while attending Georgetown, one of which was running a startup website company in the Washington, DC, area. PISIDIA USA is a family-run business, run by Debbie Miller and her three sons — Tommy, Matt and Jonathan. Since launching the U.S. and Caribbean operations in January, they have focused on building a business with a purpose, partnering with charities to help raise awareness for various causes. How did you first get involved in the green industry? We have always practiced green methods in our home and daily lifestyle as we try to incorporate sustainable ways to promote recyclability. Before PISIDIA USA, we were involved in furniture consignment. This allowed us to recycle new and used furniture that would normally be trash or considered out of date and give it a good home. We now make a conscious effort to be involved in businesses that are green. What interests you most about being green? For us, what drives us to be green conscious is the impact that can occur through just a little change by one individual. We promote the reusability of resources and admire how creative we can be in recycling products. What is amazing is that you can take something in one form and make it completely different from its original use. What is your biggest “green” pet peeve? Biggest “green” pet peeve is when there are separate recycling and trashcans next to each other, and a person does not make the effort to properly recycle. What green trend is most exciting to you or your industry? Being in the fashion industry has allowed PISIDIA to make a statement for being stylish and trendy, all while being made from a sustainable product. As a durable handbag, this will allow PISIDIA’s shelf life to be enjoyed and passed on for a long time. Our handbags are water resistant and clean up easily. We display in our trendy but classic lines that you can be both environmentally conscious and trendsetting. In today’s society, people are becoming more aware of the environment, but at the same time want to remain stylish, even if is at the cost of sustainability. PISIDIA allows them to achieve both!

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