Ninety-six billion pounds of food goes to waste annually in the U.S., and a lot of that is fresh produce. Society of St. Andrew, a 34-year-old faith-based organization, saves fresh produce and provides it to feeding programs in each of the contiguous 48 states in an effort to combat this growing trend. The organization specializes in gleaning foods, both in the fields after harvest (food that is either not ready for market or does not meet specifications) and in packing and distribution centers (food that otherwise would be sent to landfills to be wasted).
“We have about 45 million Americans who don’t get enough food,” says Society of St. Andrew Executive Director Mike Waldmann. “We are throwing away about 1.5 tons of food for every hungry man, woman and child in this country. We have defeated hunger when we can throw away so much food. We’ve ended hunger; we just allow it to exist.”

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