John Rosser is one of the world’s leading experts in social, financial and environmental sustainability. As curator of Sustainatopia – a global conference and festival which attracts many thousands of global thought leaders and participants from around the world – as well as publisher of Sustainatopia.com magazine, John remains closely connected to the entire global eco-system of social, financial and environmental sustainability and its foremost leaders on a continual basis. Additionally, Rosser is social investor and leading consultant through his consulting arm, DVK. Previously, Rosser was Managing Director of the Sport/Media/Entertainment Division of investment bank Aspen Capital Partners. Prior to that, Mr. Rosser was Executive Producer of Origami with Leonor, a children educational television program which has been broadcast in over 20 countries around the world and on PBS affiliates across the United States. The broadcast launched a children’s education video series still distributed throughout the US and Canada. Over the past two decades, Rosser has consulted for more than a dozen children’s products and media companies, while having also negotiated over 20 separate purchase/investment deals in transportation, education, publishing and retail. Rosser has spent years as an investor/options trader. The first company he founded, the world’s largest international MBA job fair, was sold to the Washington Post in 1996. Rosser has his Masters in International Business Studies from the University of South Carolina, and is fluent in German, with moderate fluency in Spanish and French.