Tapani is a hands-on visionary Designer, inventor and Design management professional. He has over 20 years extensive design experience in various capacities and global locations, giving leadership for international multidisciplinary teams. Tapani’s significant expertise in building products and user experiences with proven ability to accelerate cross functional innovation into successful products and services, specialized on Strategic Design using design thinking on business development and product portfolio planning.

Tapani was the Lead Designer for Nokia 3310 and Nokia 1100, which are to date the most popular mobile phones in the World. 3310 has sold an astonishing 125 million units worldwide and 1100 over 200 Million. Design Lead for visionary concepts like, Nokia AIR, HumanForm and Nokia Kinetic Device. He has a proven track record of 100 reported inventions, 29 granted patents and several design patents. His passion for Front End Design that humanizes the technology and translates new opportunities into relevant and meaningful user experiences. Proven track of building design strategy and advanced design creation in practice to give a unique insight about managing complex business with paired design thinking to deliver success on business.